Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Business Cards!

I designed these business cards awhile back but I never posted them! I need to bring the orig. documents into InDesign so I can print them out sometime.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Character Concept Art/Character Design

Hey what's up? I've decided I really like using DeviantArt as a means to let my work be known, it's quite addicting and I've been visiting quite frequently the past few weeks. I think I like it most because of the feedback factor, I can talk to artists and artists can talk to me both directly and indirectly. Here's a character I've been working on conceptualizing. I have decided to just give her the name "Scarlett" for now. Her Sketch: It took me 2 hours to get this sketch down on paper. I used some slight references and modeled the pose after referencing myself in the mirror, and looking at a separate reference pose I found online. I used photo-blue pencil so the blue lines wouldn't pick up when I scanned the sketch in, but as you can see they still showed up a little. This was more something I wanted to do for experimental purposes, so I wasn't too concerned about craftmanship as much as I was interested in seeing how quickly I could finish the concept. I started at about 6 o' clock, and finished everything about 5 hours later, which is sort of a record for me, but hey, talk is cheap! What matters is how much I put out, so I'll let the work speak for itself. And here is the color version. (Some of Scarlett's other concept art; A Character Turnaround and Color progression.) Turnaround Color Progression

Saturday, January 28, 2012

More studies + Miyazaki Project!!

So, I realize that only doing life studies (surprise, I know) Isn't going to help me unless it directly relates to some project I'm doing.

To be honest, I feel kind of like anatomy studies will never end. Fundamental studies will never end either, but I would be better off just studying things relating to character design, or in other words, Loomis,Hogarth,Bridgeman,Gurney etc etc.

I want to try and work as much as possible at my career goals right now. I want to use every minute of my time so that at night I can sleep easy knowing that I did what I could.I have to be realistic though, I can't do absolutely everything overnight, but I also don't have to waste five hours only THINKING about what I should be doing either.Productivity is key! o:

For the next two weeks my studies will all have to do with my next project, which is to redesign a promotional poster for one of the 9 canon Miyazaki films. It is a contest project held by the Crimson Daggers.check it out if you'd like to join too!You still have two weeks!! :) ---> http://crimsonbloodsports.blogspot.com/

(studies from the last couple days)









Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NSFW-Gesture and Armor studies

This was a quick study, but I need to watch how dark I make the lines. Also, I could stand to study mass and volume quite a bit.

I remember the first pages of the book, "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way" had some pretty good tips on how to see "Through and around the figure" by seeing them only in simple shapes like cones/cylinders/spheres etc. I'll have to take a look at that...and hogarth, and loomis, and bridgeman..maybe some gurney too for light and shading.

Got alot of studying to do! :D

Monday, January 9, 2012

So, Heres some studies. One is for the Crimson Daggers Gauntlet Challenge. I'm starting to prefer Traditional over Digital when it comes to studying alot more but I think I will get better in Photoshop as long as I keep practicing.

Now I will do some more studies and then go on to planning the composition for my Gauntlet entry. Only 3 days left! o: I'm not going to sleep >:D

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cover for my Manga

I was fooling around with Photoshop cs5 tonight and created something kind of fun.

A manga cover :)